Publishing Platform Guidelines

NewsBox is a multi-sided news platform, offering tools for PR professionals, investors, researchers, marketers, sales people, consultants, and business owners.  

NewsBox provides direct publishing options for users who wish to publish content directly on NewsBox.  Submissions are displayed in your profile and followers can follow you directly on NewsBox and receive alerts when you publish new content.  Here are some simple guidelines to consider as you use NewsBox:

  1. Content published on NewsBox’s publishing platform should be original content and/ content licensed by you.  If we receive a copyright infringement claim, we may have to deactivate the content until you provide proof of ownership.  

  2. Ensure you edit your submission and make any and all necessary changes before submitting to editors.  Even content intended for your followers is reviewed prior to publication.  If you need to edit or delete any content, for any reason, after submission, there are some limitations.  Once an article is submitted and reviewed by editors, it cannot be edited, you must delete it and resubmit.  

  3. NewsBox can distribute your content, annotate your content (e.g., to highlight that your content was not created by NewsBox employees or contractors and that your views may not reflect the views of NewsBox), and sell advertising on pages where your content appears.

  4. Other NewsBox users may share your content with their followers and, depending on your privacy settings, your content may be available to the public.

  5. Product sales pitches or general company information should be added to your profile, not in articles.  If you wish to promote your company on NewsBox, we offer marketing solutions.

  6. Ensure your content is not misleading, fraudulent, threatening, hateful, defamatory, obscene, discriminatory, or illegal.

  7. Any claims related to your content will be directed to you and NewsBox.  NewsBox is not responsible if your content harms others, or harm caused by you through use of our service.

  8. Example submissions:

    1. Press release

    2. Expert article

    3. Fair Use Snippet

Please visit our terms of use if you need a more detailed overview of how best to use the NewsBox Publishing Platform.  If you have questions, please visit  Please consider fair use guidelines when sharing content.  Similar to the article preview you see in popular search engines, you may share a snippet of articles but you must have permission to share full articles that belong to others.  If you plan to republish complete articles, please contact the rights holder to ensure you have necessary permissions.

If you are publishing a large amount of content and prefer to submit your news feed for consideration in our index, please send your publication details to