To get started, all you need to do is sign up and create an account. The basic Newsbox service is free. You can create a profile, receive source requests from journalists and bloggers looking for experts. You can submit news releases, event announcements and articles and publish them to your profiles and out to your readers. If you have followers on existing social networks, you can send them free of charge and they're directed back to your Newsbox hosted release and all other releases.

If you don't have a large following on social networks and haven't built up a large following on Newsbox, we provide distribution options. Our distribution options give you the power to reach a growing number of Newsbox subscribers and publishers who will also help share your news. We provide over 500 distribution options including targeted categories based on topic or geography. Reach targeted readers locally or globally depending on your needs.

a. Introduction

We feel Newsbox is an easy-to-use application and you shouldn't need much if any help getting your feet wet. But, if you have difficulty understanding any part of Newsbox, please drop us a line through our contact us page.

b. Customer Training Options

We don't currently offer training options but may offer something in the near future. If you have a large organization or group and want us to come in and talk about Newsbox, contact us and we'll discuss it.

For individuals, we can offer a 15-30 minute paid training session. Contact us.

c. Getting to Know Newsbox

As you use begin to use Newsbox, you will find Newsbox is a great tool for communications management and media relations. You will hopefully discover new ways to integrate Newsbox within your current workflow. You should let us know if you feel we can improve areas of Newsbox.

d. Profiles: General Profile, Expert Profile, Journalist Profile.

As a new user, we prompt you with a profile prompt. You should take a few minutes initially to create your profile so other users can learn more about you and your organization and contact you if they have release questions. Link your profile to existing accounts with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google +.

1. Expert Profile - As a Newsbox user, you can support your expertise by listing skills and other personal details you think journalists, bloggers or other users could find useful when writing stories. If you want to support your expertise but don't have a news release or event to submit, you may consider submitting one or more articles. Articles are free and published to your profile. You or your readers can still share them socially.

The first question you might ask yourself when confronted with an "expert profile" option is - am I an expert? If you feel you have a vast amount of experience in a specific field, industry or topic, you should list your experiences. It's up to the person looking for an expert to make the decision as to whether you have the level of experience to qualify you as an expert and meet their requirements. Of course, if you've been referred to as an expert by a notable publication, you may want to include reference.

If you still don't feel comfortable labeling yourself as an expert, you can simply add personal events, education or publications you feel could be valuable to journalists. Posting information could lead to more visibility for you or your organization if a writer decides to use you as a source.

2. Journalist Profile - If you are a writer (journalist, blogger, etc.), you should create a journalist profile which will designate you as a potential contact for Newsbox release submitters. Newsbox users can send releases directly to you or you can subscribe to category-based news feeds. If you want to promote your own articles, you can do so by submitting a release and tagging it as an article. We'll publish the article to your profile and you can get additional visibility when you or Newsbox readers share the article socially. Of course, if you feel our distribution options would help you get additional visibility for your article, you can submit it as a news release.

e. Account Requirements

For general profiles, we only require you agree to the user terms and conditions. Please read over the user agreement thoroughly and DO NOT sign up if you do not agree. If you have questions about the terms and conditions, please contact us. Your questions could help us address similar questions from other users.

We do not require verification of expert or journalist credentials however, if your profile is found to contain false or misleading information, you run the risk of being removed and possibly restricted from future use on Newsbox.

Submission Requirements

Your release or article may be deleted or deactivated for any of the following reasons:

1) We were unable to verify your information either through email or direct contact.

2) The information you provided does not meet our content guidelines.

3) Information submitted may be in violation of third-party copyright(s) or trademark(s)

4) Information submitted promotes gambling, pornography, illegal substances or other prohibited content

5) Content may be libelous or defamatory

6) Submission includes violence or hate-oriented speech

7) Has extensive religious commentary or attempts to preach or solicit members for a particular church or faith.

8) Contains clearly misleading, fraudulent or illegal claims or content.

Please see compete submission guidelines for more details.