When using any solution, it is best to think of how it can help you in some way.  If you are reading NewsBox, we hope you will follow content that is interesting to you and will enrich your life and keep you informed.

If you are a NewsBox Publisher, please consider:

1) Focus on driving revenue.  How can your content help you generate more revenue?

2) Awareness.  How can your content help you generate more awareness for your news or content?  How can it increase awareness of your brand?

3) Media mentions.  Is the content likely to be shared?  Are journalists going to be interested in writing about your news or brand?

4) Data.  Are you going to collect valuable data from your content to help you with future storytelling and content generation?

5) Reach.  Are you reaching an interested audience or are you just sending your news out to everyone?  

6) Value vs. competition.  Are your competitors getting more visibility than you?  If so, you may want to focus on creating more and better content.

7) Build a network.  Are you sending your news out once and having difficulty reaching readers with follow-up news or updates?  If so, you should start sending invitations to your contacts to follow you on NewsBox.