We import content from outside publishers into NewsBox.  We are limited, similar to a search engine, in how we use outside content.  We only display, for most publisher's articles, only about a paragraph of text along with a lead picture if available.  You can click on the article.  Outside publisher content is searched by our monitoring engine but, unless an article is saved, it will be removed from our database.

We DO NOT currently have the option of subscribing to outside publishers on the NewsBox system.  Publishers need to submit content directly on the platform in order to receive followers and display a full article.

Publishers can submit a feed for consideration but if we include the publication we will still only display a snippet.

Benefits of publishing directly on NewsBox.

If you submit your content directly on NewsBox, your content will live on NewsBox forever or until you remove it.  You can build a following so future news distribution becomes easier and people can share your content within NewsBox.