If you submit an article directly on NewsBox, it will live on NewsBox indefinitely.

You can optimize the content and make it part of an inbound marketing campaign.  

Free submissions are ONLY sent to your followers.  Free basic submissions are not sent to category subscribers and not promoted by NewsBox.  Free basic submissions are also not visible to other readers unless the reader is following you.

If you are a first time publisher and do not have any followers, you should consider submitting a premium article.  Premium articles gain more exposure and attract outside readers and potential subscribers.  If you aren't sure how many articles you may submit, you should only submit one article at a time.  If you feel you will submit a larger number of articles, select the unlimited plan.  You can only create one following network per account so, if you are a PR firm or some other type of organization with clients, you will need to create a separate account and separate payment plan for each client.  

NewsBox is working on a revised agency option.